Research Projects

New applications of solid-state NMR to the extracellular matrix

SsNMR is a versatile technique that can provide atomic-level structural information on complex materials in functionally-relevant states, with unique advantages for investigating the extracellular matrix (ECM).

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ECM changes in Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Using ssNMR and cell culture of human fibroblast cell lines for Ehler-Danlos syndrome (EDS), we can understand molecular-level mechanisms that underlie key symptoms of this genetic disease.

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Cell wall of fission yeast

Fission yeast is a key model organism in fungal and cell cycle research. SsNMR provide a means to quantify changes in cell wall composition upon novel and specific genetic manipulations.

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ECM changes in ageing and cardiovascular disease

Using an isotopically-labelled mouse and mammalian cell culture, we developed ssNMR approaches to investigate ECM changes in ageing and cardiovascular disease.

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Pigmentation in alkaptonuria

Alkaptonuria is a rare disease that can lead to servere pigmentation of various body tissues, which is associated with tissue degradation. While visually striking, the chemical nature of the pigment is still not well-understood. By characterizing in vitro-generated pigment using a variety of chemical techniques, we aim to understand the nature of the pigmentation species and illuminate new clinical approaches to prevent or reverse its formation.

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